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Bohemian & Chic Prewedding Photos in Studio with Iris & Dave

Isn’t it the luckiest thing that you fall in love with someone whom you always have fun with? That is true for Iris and Dave, the couple who always pursue the joy and passion of life. Little Stories is glad to cover the prewedding photoshoot session with Iris and Dave.

Iris is a nature lover who is keen on plants. If you scan her Instagram page, you will see a bunch of pictures filled with greeneries (We are fans of her and the plants as well!)! Therefore, we had the pictures taken surrounded by greenery outside for the shooting.

We laughed so hard seeing Dave mimicking Iris’s pose!

After understanding Iris’s love in nature, Little Stories and professional decoration set up team Fer a cheval design envisioned a refreshing Bohemian themed photoshoot. So Fer a cheval design filled the interior setting with Bohemian elements like plants, throws, macramé pillows for layering in the room featured with white and oat yellow, which creates a warm and dreamy atmosphere.

The glamorous gown that the bride dresses up in is a design by Netta BenShabu, a Israeli born Couture fashionista raised in the U.S. This delicate wedding dress is covered by intricate lace patterns. The design of the corset fits perfectly into the bride’s body curve, with the bottom dress adding to the lady’s elegance. Netta BenShabu is a couture fashion brand available at The Other Half Bridal, a Hong Kong wedding boutique offering modern and unconventional looks.

The bride’s makeup and hairstyle are designed by Jennifer Ho, a professional makeup artist named “Best International wedding MUA”. Jennifer makes a natural western-styled makeup for Iris, highlighting the bride’s healthy skin glows and coral cheek color.

When the couple take off the couture and change back to the modern outfit, they look like a chic couple spending their chill vacation. Iris and Dave believe that lovers should get along in a comfortable way. Their interactions are natural and delighted, imbuing the room with laughter.

Life could be wonderful if you have a soulmate that cares for you and understands your heart. It would be even better if you can enjoy life and share pleasure together.

Happiness is to be discovered in everyday life with your perfect match!

With | Iris

Makeup | Jennifer Ho

Decoration | Fer a cheval Design

Text | Rachel


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