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Love Blooming Like Sunflowers

Rachel and Alex are explorers and travel lovers like we do. With COVID, they adjusted their travel plans and explored the hidden gem around Hong Kong – to this Sunflower field of vibrance and hope.

Been together for ten years, Rachel and Alex have become a significant part of each other’s life. Even though they have been as familiar as family, the smiles that they show when looking at each other are just as bright and fresh as sunflowers.

Since they fell in love, the couple has shared a passion for traveling around the world. Together, they have been to places in Asia and Europe, including Greece, Italy, Spain, and Japan.

Although the pandemic has interrupted their original traveling plan, we visited this beautiful lavender field to make up for the European vibe.

Being surrounded by the violet blossoms with fresh air, the couple nestled close to each other as if they were appreciating the countryside landscape of Provence.

Though taken in Hong Kong, the photographs are overflowing with the vibrant colors and brightness of European natural landscapes. Seen from a distance, Alex’s white T-shirt and Rachel’s white dress are like lily petals weaving around the French-like flower field.

It is an amazing photo journey to transfer Rachel and Alex to the dreamy European land under the lens of Little Stories. The couple showed how love can bring us to the places that our hearts feel like even when the world is going through unexpected situations.

Photography & Styling | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy

Makeup and Hair Styling | Joman Wedding

Jewelry | Chellery Jewelry

Outfit | FRND #SINCEWen


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