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Love Grows Together In Company With Us - Prewedding Photoshoot with Hayley & HinChee

For a couple who have been together since college, the university campus is a wonderful land of their unique common memories. This is true for Hayley and HinChee, a newly married couple who had the incredible first encounter in HKU. When the two were still university students, they both held love for music, and found each other as their perfect soulmate. In the following days, they have accompanied each other from college to graduation.

For their prewedding photoshoot, Hayley and HinChee invited Little Stories to their favorite spots on campus, including Main Building, Lok Yew Hall, and concert hall. As our photographer Amy is also a graduate from HKU, she could easily capture the serene and classical beauty of the university architectures, presenting it as the best backdrop of the couple’s youth memories.

The creamy pink architectural structures are the iconic building of the University of Hong Kong -- the Main Building. As the oldest architecture of the university, it was designed in the Edwardian Baroque-style by Alfred Bryer of Leigh & Orange. The dreamy palette and delicate ornamentation of the Main Building make it the best place for students to take a break by appreciating the wonderful view.

Just like what is presented in the picture, Hayley and HinChee used to stroll in the hallways of this historical building, holding hands and talking about each other’s life. Now the photographs are taking back to the good old days.

The concert hall and Luk Yew hall are also significant spots in Hayley and HinChee’s college memories. Both buildings are featured with warm-toned wooden materials. Constructed in symmetrical rectangle structures, they convey a visual sense of grandness, solemnity, and harmony. More importantly, the hall is a palace of their music memories. as the couple walked down to the Grand Hall, the elegant symphony of the past days seemed to be played again.

The couple’s memories are not only limited to the campus. The city of Hong Kong is covered with their footprints. One of the remarkable places to them is the tram station in Sheung Wan. This urban transportation junction is not only a witness to the couple’s life after graduation but also Hayley’s memorable career achievement as she is an engineer involved to oversee the interconnection construction of the tram system.

Hayley and HinChee have lightened up each other’s life path since they are young. The love between them has also become stronger and formed an indestructible bond.

The Pottinger is a historic boutique hotel located in Central. The couple loves staying here.

HinChee would have to leave for the UK for study while Hayley would go to the UK later. Hope their mutual love keeps them company when they are separated by distance.

Photo & Styling @littlestoriess

Makeup & Hair @janicechu_makeup

Bouquet @lemongrasswedding

Text | Rachel


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