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Italian Backyard Gathering with Ellie & Jon

A backyard wedding means a carefully decorated garden, a dining table displaying lovely objects, and flowers. It means friends and lovers comfortably gathering together for sweet memories. A good intimate backyard wedding could be better than a grand ceremony.

It is true for Ellie and Jon, who have spent a delightful prewedding photoshoot session in the Italian-themed backyard of Silverdollar Studio specially made for the chic and stylish travel lover Ellie Furuya.

Though COVID has prevented the couple from flying to Europe, the professional decoration set up team Fer a cheval Design has helped to create an Italian-flavored space for their special moment.

Wooden furniture, delicate glass utensils, and European-styled candle holders generate an elegant mediterrean vibe.

Although the weather is cloudy, the smile of the bride illuminates the venue like a plume of Italian sunshine.

The exquisite jewels from Autumn Kimono – a modern, minimal jewelry brand by local designer Lia perfect the two all-white looks, adding to a sense of delicacy.

The accessories include the beautiful pieces designed by Lia and stylish jewels from Columbia selected by the shop owner.

Ellie’s effortless but elegant Lagom makeup and natural wavy hairstyle are done by the professional stylist Janice Chu and make up artists Euthy, who believes that cosmetic products should not be overused but applied wisely to brighten up our beauty.

Ellie’s two outfits are both elegant white long gowns available at Miss Bride Wedding Shop. One is a wedding gown featured with delicate 3D floral patterns and the other is a slip dress of graceful minimalist design from our beloved Korean designer Jenny Yoo.

In addition to a lovely backyard, the Silverdollar studio also provides us with a modern-styled interior space. The soft lighting, delicate Italian decorations, and earthy furniture help us create a modern chic look for the couple.

From makeup, outfit, accessories, to venue and decoration set up, everything went perfect for an Italian-styled photoshoot.

The flights to a specific country may be suspended, but our heart for love and romance would stay.

Accessories | Autumn Kimono

With | Ellie Furuya

Decoration | Fer a cheval Design

Makeup | Euthy Wong

Hair | Janice Chu

Studio | the Silverdollar studio Text | Rachel


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