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Top 10 prewedding photography locations in Hong Kong

Embracing nature

Ocean, breeze, sunshine, sandland, starlight... The natural world is always the best backdrop to produce a romantic and picturesque prewedding photograph. Harboring large scales of mountains and oceans, we are lucky here to have a prewedding photoshoot in Hong Kong to embrace nature!

1. Chum Hom Kok with Ocean

Located on the western shore of Chum Hom Kok in the Southern District of Hong Kong, the Beach provides your prewedding photography a ravishing backdrop of sun-bathed paradise. Sunshine drops glittering light spots across the water surface, forming a really romantic and fairytale atmosphere. Everything here looks simple but elegant. The large white platform gives you the best view of the azure sea, and the arc brick wharf will bring you to the ancient classical world of princesses and princes! What distinguishes Chum Hom Kok oceanside among other beaches is the amazing dome platform! The simple, lovely square opening on the white stone wall exactly resembles a frame! Sit side by side with your lover under the arced ceiling. The natural world provides the ideal framing and embellishments, requiring no further props.

Little Stories - Prewedding Photos with Lauren & Eric in Chum Hom Kok Hong Kong (HK) | architectural engagement photography ideas

Little Stories - Prewedding Photos with Lauren & Eric in Chum Hom Kok Hong Kong (HK) -38.jpg | ocean pre wedding photography

Location: Chung Hom Kok Beach, Chung Hom Kok Road, Chung Hom Kok

Contact: +852 2813 0454

Opening hours / Lifeguard service hours:

April~May, Sep~Oct: 9am~6pm

June~August: 9am~6pm (Mon~Fri); 8am~7pm (Weekend & Public holidays)

Nov~Mar: suspended

2. Stanley

Stanley, in its Cantonese name Chek Chu 赤柱 (“Red Pillars”), is originally famous for the local cotton trees with flourishing red flowers which makes the coast a world of rosy clouds. Stanley, as one of the earliest settlements during the colonial era, is famous for both European-style grand buildings and fishing boats, and natural beaches. When walking on the brown rocks, you can just let your stunning bridal gown billow in the air or flow on the lands. Opposite the crystal ocean is the mountain range and some residential houses, displaying the balance between nature and human life!

Twilight scenery is one of the most striking moments in Stanley. When the dark falls, the whole coastland is bathed in a dim, gentle light, with the distant houses glimmering. Couples often sit on the coastal embankment, appreciating the sunset and natural sceneries across the ocean.

Stanley Prewedding Photoshoot with Kerry & Pak-39 | stanley prewedding photography | European architecture pre wedding shoot

Location: Stanley Main Beach, Stanley Beach Road, Stanley

Opening time / Lifeguard service hours:

April~May, Sep~Oct: 9am~6pm

June~August: 9am~6pm (Mon~Fri); 8am~7pm (Weekend & Public holidays)

Nov&Mar: 8am~5pm

Dec~Feb: Suspended

3. Sai Kung Beach

Schedule a lovely and cozy prewedding photography on Sai Kung Beach! Quiet and private, the exquisite Sai Kung Beach distinguishes itself for its ocean-life elements: cute sky-blue sailboards, white modern cabins, and blooming tropical plants.

Here, fashion-minded couples will create their unique scenes and storylines! With plain roads and natural surroundings, Sai Kung is always a wonderful place for cycling. For prewedding photography, you can get a stylish bike, and invite your lover to enjoy the fun! Moreover, a beach picnic is also a lovely choice! Bring a basket and a linen tablecloth with custom-made wording and decorations from a style company, as well as some simple but tasty snacks for your lover. Don’t forget to take your straw hat, sunglasses, and anything you need on the beach to enjoy. Let’s have a beach picnic in Hong Kong along with a prewedding photography time for a chill vacation!

4. Victoria Peak Garden

Seeking for a place with classical western structures and modern urban sceneries for prewedding photoshoot in Hong Kong? Then you cannot miss the Victoria Peak Garden! Located at the central top of the Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island, this park is surrounded by luxuriant forests and has an advantageous location of overlooking the whole Hong Kong city and islands in the south and west sides. The most popular and unmissable site for couples is the dome-shaped Victorian-style pavilion. More graceful iron railings can be found in the park, adding a sense of elegance to your photos. You can also discover several stylish restaurants at the Peak, such as Rajasthan Rifles, serving British-Indian style cuisine in a relaxing and vintage atmosphere both indoors and outdoors.

Location: Victoria Peak Garden, Mount Austin Road, The Peak

Opening hours: 24 hours

Warm note: Parking may be difficult on weekends. Booking a driver to go would help.

Visiting Heritage

Taking a group of prewedding photography at a heritage site is becoming one of the most fashionable prewedding shoot ideas! Classical atmosphere, elaborate structure design, and stylish European features... These elements not only provide you with an elegant photography setting but also add an artistic and cultural touch to your moment!

5. Hong Kong University

If you are a member of the University of Hong Kong, then the beautiful campus of HKU will be one of the good choices for prewedding photography! From the classic-style Main Building to the modern Centennial Campus, the different environments would endow your photos with different atmospheres and styles.The oldest structure on campus traces back to 1911, representing a Baroque style that was prominent in the reign of King Edward VII (1901~1910). Hug your lover in front of the bell tower, walk along the antique corridors in the Main Building, and sit on the lawn, recalling the memories of your student age with your lover and friends! You may not need to go too far searching for a lovely place for a prewedding photoshoot. A warm experience back to your campus life is enough!

architectural engagement photography ideas | vintage pre wedding photoshoot

Location: Outdoor areas of the Main Campus and Centennial Campus, and courtyards, corridors and staircases of the Main Building, University of Hong Kong

Opening hours: Weekends except for the Examination Period and Congregational Period. For more information, please refer to HKU’s instructions for wedding photography.

Warm note: Request is needed 7 days prior to the photoshoot date.

6. Béthanie

Béthanie is a French historic architecture with a history of around 150 years! Located in one corner of Pok Fu Lam, this complex is popular for its striking neo-gothic chapel which is suitable for both prewedding photography and wedding ceremonies. From the outside view, the white church matches the green surroundings. Simple but artistic. You can simply wear a solid-colored dress or shirt and jeans, and take a walk with your lover alongside the winding path. Step inside the chapel, I’m sure you will be surprised by the colorful mosaic glass windows! The tall ceiling and elaborate decorations create a grand and romantic ambiance inside the small church, making it a wonderful place for lovers to make holy vows!

Little Stories the Moment by Amy Church Engagement-3448.jpg | church engagement ideas

Location: Béthanie, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong

Opening hours: the church is open on Sundays from 9am to 12pm.

7. Heritage 1881

Heritage 1881 is a grand complex located at the center of Tsim Sha Tsui. As indicated by its name, the architecture, constructed in 1881 originally as the Marine Police Headquarter, has over 130 years of history. Now, it features luxury shopping, exquisite dining, premium accommodation, heritage display, and a unique place for prewedding photography. The Western-style railings and corridors are perfect for couples to walk along. You can also find several wide, open lawns and courtyards. Why not invite your lover to dance the Waltz? Lights are rich inside House 1881, ensuring your photography appears bright and delighted!

Location: Heritage 1881, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Opening hours: 7am~12am

Tracing the Urban Spectacle

As one of the most spectacular international districts in the world, Hong Kong is endowed with extraordinary urban views with alluring city lights and unique skylines. If you are searching an atmosphere and backdrop featuring modernity, fashion, and icon, the city of Hong Kong is the best stage!

8. Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour is one of the most iconic and popular spots for prewedding photography, and brings you surprises and inspirations! Located between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula, Victoria Harbour offers you the best view of Hong Kong’s representable urban skyline as the backdrop of your photos! Strolling alongside the Avenue of stars, K11 Artus, Rosewood Hotel, Hong Kong Museum of Art, and Hong Kong Cultural Center, you could discover the best symphony of natural and artistic elements. To spare a relaxing and sophisticated prewedding photoshoot journey, Victoria Harbour is always a wise choice.

Little Stories - Cotton Tree Drive & Tram Prewedding Photoshoot with Liza & Bart- Seaview pre wedding photography

Little Stories - Wedding Marriage Registry in Hong Kong (HK) at Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) with Desiree & Ken - Highlight-434 | Victoria Habor engagement

9. Sheung Wan Neighbourhood

Taking a stroll in an authentic Hong Kong neighbourhood will make your prewedding photography more lively and dynamic! Sheung Wan, a classical district in the northwest of Hong Kong Island, will create a sophisticated palette for your photo album! As one of the earliest British residential places in Hong Kong, Sheung Wan is a special district between old Hong Kong and modern art hub. It features many historical and vintage places such as Western Market (used to be a center of trading artcrafts in 1991, now a place for lifestyle shopping and leisure hub), the Sheung Wan Tram Terminus, and the high-saturated colourful trams! Meanwhile, Sheung Wan is booming with chic and artistic spots: Tai Kwun, PMQ, antique shops, unique cafes and art galleries! Whether you are looking for a taste of old Hong Kong or the fashionable and modish sites, come to Sheung Wan, and you’ll be amazed.

Nicola & Jason - Little Stories-1 | street style wedding photography

10. Studio

Less is more. Without any obstruction in the frame, you and your significant other will be the only focus of the camera. To create a unique and unforgettable experience, you can work with a decoration team to design a photo backdrop! Feel free to bring your customized props, or work with designers and calligraphers to create a custom set to tell your story. Plants, minimalism, dreamlike fairytale style, or whatever you like! Remember that the most wonderful part of studio photography is to pick up your own style and enjoy the process and fun of engagement!

Bohemian & Chic Prewedding Photos in Studio with Iris & Dave | studio pre wedding photoshoot

Italian Backyard Gathering with Ellie & Jon | studio italian style pre wedding photos

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