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Hooray! It’s almost the end of Oct… beach time!

Hooray! It’s almost the end of October. Thanks god that we’ve gone through another month! Why not take a break?

We went to a wonderful beach in Los Angeles. The beach has a beautiful name, “Thousand Steps Beach”, which also infers an obvious meaning. Haha We need to take some steps to walk down to the beach!

Are you willing to do so if you need to walk thousand steps to see/ to photograph with a great beach?

Yes, I am!!


We figured out there were several hundreds of steps to go…

It’s much less than I imagined…

It’s always true if you want a great scene with less people,

Walk MORE 🙂

It’s a charming beach with lovely small houses building across the coastline. Only a few of people can be found here.

What can you do without the crowd? Take a DEEP breath to feel the air.

Look at the subtle colour change, from light blue, lemon yellow and peach orange. Who’s the one in your mind that you would like to enjoy the sunset with?

So I enjoyed it with my love and my great photography friend Mallory Dawn. Mallory is such a sweet girl! Can’t wait to see more of her photos!

Regarding venue of shooting, people always complain about going far. But the fact always proves, the further you go, the better pictures you get. If you want the best scene, be prepared to go far and further, away from the crowd.

It’s high time for you to set a location! It can be in hometown or somewhere else, which you’ve been dreaming of.

Enjoy the sunset with your special ones!

P.S. Let’s have a little secret chat weekly! You can find me on Instagram at @littlestoriess  and on facebook. Welcome to drop me a line at 


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