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Family Photoshoot in San Francisco by Golden Gate Bridge

Spectacular sea view, rolling mountain hills, broad grassland, and beautiful sunset, Little Stories explore the hidden gem of San Francisco with family Lesley, Michael and baby Everly near Golden Gate Bridge. This could be one of the photogenic spots and a perfect place to take pictures with your loved ones!

Lesley is the founder of MumSquad, an organization for mothers to build a community in San Francisco. As a community builder, human connector, and motherhood advocate, Lesley cares about family life and Children’s growth. And of course, her family loves each other a lot!

Everly is Lesley and her husband Michael’s daughter. The photoshoot session is also a happy playing time for this lovely little girl, who enjoys the pure childhood happiness, running, bouncing and bathing in the sunshine.

Of course, the best thing for the little girl is that she has been raised in a loving family! Lesley and Michael care for each other a lot. Love is the attitude that always nurtures this family.

When being interviewed by Artsolm, Lesley talked about how it felt to be a mother and why she wanted to build a community for women to share their ideas about motherhood.

“I started this community because I needed support.” Lesley said in the interview.

She shared some obstacles that she has encountered being a mom, “Becoming a new parent is hard stuff! We get a lot thrown at us all at once and often our social lives & personal needs take a back seat to the needs of our growing families. And on top of that, stress and anxiety, loneliness, and postpartum depression following a baby’s birth are incredibly common in our culture. ”

Mom squad has helped Lesley and many other moms deal with these difficulties.

“Mom Squad SF is a casual place to be social, connecting new moms who are experiencing the same ups and downs of life with their little ones. And knowing how hectic our day-to-day lives can be (to say the least!), our community offers support both online and in real life.”

Now Lesley’s community Mom Squad has been thriving, with more and more mothers joining the group, bringing the love and energy back to their families.

Of course, the best thing for the little girl is that she has been raised in a loving family! Being married for more than six years, Lesley and Michael care for each other a lot. When talking about how to maintain the relationship between Michael and her, Lesley said that “Communication, especially holistic, loving, considerate & supportive communication is key!”

She also suggested all moms communicate her needs and difficulties with their partners. Mutual understanding is crucial in consolidating family bonds.

Love is the attitude that always nurtures this family.

As the family stands in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, the iconic landmark of San Francisco, a beautiful slice of their sweet life memories with the city is captured by Amy.

Kind words from Lesley:

“We had a lovely time with Amy during our photoshoot. She’s friendly & caring, but was especially able to capture a special moment taking place within our family. We were able to focus on each other & her camera drifted into the background. I would definitely recommend her to other families.”

The sunset of California applies a warm pink and tangerine tone to the sky. Life could be so simple, peaceful, and satisfying with the company of your family.

Photography & Art Direction | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy @littlestoriess

With | Lesley, Michael, and Everly

Venue | Golden Gate Bridge & Palace of Fine Arts

Text | Rachel


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