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Celebrating Silas’s Fifth Birthday with a Jungle Safari Themed Party

Since Silas's 100th day celebration, his parents have been throwing fantastic and unique themes for his birthdays.

For Sila's fifth birthday, the parents planned an incredible jungle and safari-themed celebration that was filled with happiness and enjoyment.

The party took place in Club Lusitano, a premium social clubhouse located at the heart of Central District. The venue was decorated with a harmonious palette of greens, browns, and white that speaks to the idea of a tropical jungle. Balloons, palm fronds, and safari animal stickers filled the corners, presenting the visions of wilderness and generating a relaxing and lively space for Silas and the guests.

The gathering began with people mingling with one another, and the kids enjoyed playing with the lion and sharing sweets.

A fantastic gathering cannot be ready without delicious cuisine. The considerate hosts served a variety of dishes, snacks, and drinks for the guests and their families.

At Silas’s party, food was not only delectable but also creative! Cookies with animal-themed toppers and bright-coloured candies were used by the children to co-create a unique safari-inspired cake.

To offer their boy an amazing birthday celebration, the parents definitely got imaginative with the entertainment. They invited actual tropical animals including boa snakes and turtles to the party, stoking an atmosphere of thrill and excitement. Under the guidance of professional animal keepers, the kids got the chance to interact directly with their lovely animal friends, observing their appearances and learning about their living habits.

The warm-hearted family also delivered their love and gratefulness in the form of gifts, giving away delicate little parcels, to witness the growth journey of beetles, to their family and friends.

Mama Bonnie would like to thank the photo team Little Stories by Amy and the event planner Tiara Weddings and Events for offering brilliant ideas, decorations and fun activities to Silas’s birthday parties over the years.

Little Stories is pleased to have documented this wonderful event, and witnessed Silas’s growing journey through photography, preserving these lovely moments for the family.

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