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Our working space in HKU

We’re delighted to announce that we have our office in iDendron, HKU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub, at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) now. While we work on photography as our main focus, we’re developing an education program with arts and photography and hope the future generation would have a solid ground to showcase their talents. Meanwhile, we are launching photography classes for kids, couples and parents. Do you know I was a teacher moving on photography? I studied Education as major and Journalism as minor. I pursued the photography journey by going to the U.S. to learn the best from my the top of fine art wedding photographer Jose Villa and family photographer Twig & Olive Photography and hope to give the best to you! If you’re around HKU, we may meet up for a cup of tea!

Photo | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy

Amy Law - Little Stories - Oliver Fly Photography-2

On a Journey of Love & Lifestyle | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy Contact:


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