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Every Moment Shines, Intimate Wedding Under COVID-19

Although the social distancing has blocked so many certain things, what matters for this couple is that they are gonna go through all with their hearts snuggling together so that even through gloomy, pandemic days, every moment shines.

Located at Tsim Sha Tsui, Marco Polo Hotel provides the new couple with a lovely coastal lawn for the outdoor ceremony and a fine indoor feast at Cucina, an Italian restaurant with romantic Mediterranean style.

The beautiful outdoor harbor offers every guest a comfortable space and a perfect photography backdrop, with fresh air, cozy sunshine, and gentle sea wind.

Due to the current pandemic situation, Stephanie and Chris’s wedding is simple, but carefully designed so that every guest feels comfortable in the chilled and cozy atmosphere.

An e-invitation sent by RSVP through a personal website has taken place of the traditional printed card in case of any changes in date and venue. A warm photo wall is set in front of the indoor restaurant, on which the photos of the couples, their relatives and friends, ranging from childhood to adulthood, are orderly posted. Some of the newlyweds’ close friends overseas also have sent their hand-written blessings, presented on the photo wall as well.