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Love & Laughter : Intimate Wedding with Sabrina and Kenneth

Nothing binds a strong marriage like love and laughter.

For Sabrina and Kenneth, laughter has been the foundation of their over-a-decade relationship. They met while working at the same company — and through witty banter and their shared sense of humour, they formed a close friendship which had slowly blossomed into the strong spark of love they have today. On their special day, Kenneth would sneak in hilarious jokes at the best timed moments, having the entire crowd laugh — if not give a cheeky little giggle. The couple’s infatuation for each other was apparent, and their laughter, absolutely contagious! 

After 10 strong years,

They decided it was time to celebrate their bond with an intimate wedding being witnessed by 20 of their closest and dearest friends and family. The couple and their entourage began at the Murray Hotel, one of Hong Kong’s finest five-star hotels in the heart of Central. Bordering on the hotel is Cotton Tree Drive, where the couple would exchange their vows. 

Looking as radiant as ever,

Sabrina opted for an off-the-shoulder white wedding dress, accentuated by the stunning jewels she had specially handpicked. Kenneth, looking just as amazing, went with a classic noir-brown suit, offset by a navy bowtie with exquisite silver details. They proceeded from Murray to Cotton Tree Drive. There, in a ceremony surrounded by loved ones, Sabrina and Kenneth were pronounced husband and wife. The sheer joy shining from Kenneth’s face made clear the deep happiness these two shared in one another. 

With the formalities completed,

The celebrations continue with a photoshoot amid the lush and gorgeous greenery of Hong Kong Park. The ever-popular waterfall backdrop and the splendid heritage architecture of the Tea House provided stunning settings to capture the newlyweds’ love and the entourage’s joy for the married couple. 

Laughing alongside closest companions and family,

Sabina and Kenneth basked in the first moments of their life together as a married couple. Throughout it all, the love and laughter that brought them together remained on full display. We wish the happy newly wedded couple the best as they embark on a new chapter of their journey. 

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