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Give Your Bridal Accessories a Second Life! — Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Wedding in Hong Kong

“I always adore the heartfelt moments captured by Little Stories,” said Wifey Liu (Mrs. Liu), the founder of Hello Wifey, a bridal accessories brand featuring sustainable weddings.

Hello Wifey, Hello Beauty!

What you see is what you are and what you are is beautiful. - vision of Hello Wifey, calligraphy by Whale Whispers

Timeless and delicate are the two most impressive features of the brands selected for Hello Wifey. They carry a wide collection, ranging from classical, leading brands to award-winning boutiques and Eastern Europe’s upcoming craftsmen’s works. Accessories from different countries and regions have their own unique style: items made by Australian craftsmen are detailed, Spanish items are made with flair, while items made in the US are modern and simplistic…

More importantly, all these brands hold the concept of sustainable fashion and green life. Hello Wifey also hopes to reach out to other partners to make each component of the wedding more eco-friendly and to source items from undiscovered vendors in less well-off countries.

Hello Wifey invited Hong Kong celebrity Grace Chan to this photoshoot. Impressed by an instagram video clip of Grace where she went back to her parents’ home for spring cleaning with the aim of giving the clothes a second life. Actually, Grace is supportive of the whole eco-conscious movement and has been working on several projects including animal protection and the promotion of sustainable coffee shops and recycled designer brands for kids.

"...I support the concept of sustainability and though I may not be perfect, I try to engage as much as possible personally in this aspect." Grace Chan is thrilled to share the aim of Hello Wifey to recycle wedding accessories for brides to come, and vision behind Little Stories in support of sustainability, "...Amy, who has created Little Stories and chooses to work with businesses and people who support sustainability. Every little bit matters, thank you guys for being what you are — you are beautiful ❤️ ".

Buy and Buy back

Buy and Buy back on Sustainable Wedding - slogan of Hello Wifey, calligraphy by Whale Whispers

Since bridal accessories are generally not reused after the wedding, they often turn up once on the bride’s special day. To reduce such waste and lead a green life, Hello Wifey is launching to make brides pretty and at the same time, give bridal accessories a second life.

As eco-conscious weddings are getting popular, Little Stories has witnessed how this trend is making positive impacts on our society and engaging more people in an eco-friendly life (Check our previous coverage on Chinny’s zero-waste wedding in Sai Kung here). We hope to give readers some inspiration that ethical and eco-minded weddings are just so easy and around us!


Different from renting for a period, girls can buy the bridal accessories of their choosing to keep forever. However, should the brides not wish to keep the accessories, Hello Wifey will offer to buy the accessories back, offering them a second life and reducing wastage.

Facing all the wives-to-be, Hello Wifey is a bridal accessory brand promoting sustainability and the sharing of love for beauty. We believe each girl has the opportunity to wear the most amazing accessories on her big day, and when she walks down the aisle, she can choose to treasure them forever or give them a second life with another bride.

Join Our Journey To Sustainable Future

Join our journey to a more sustainable future - invitation from Hello Wifey, calligraphy by Whale Whispers

Little Stories has kept in touch with Wifey Liu after her post-wedding photoshoot and has the same view on social responsibility. Although Wifey Liu’s honeymoon trip was cancelled due to the COVID-19, she still had a wonderful “mini-moon” photoshoot in Hong Kong with Amy. Apart from the lovely photos taken, Wifey Liu mentions that it was the laughter during the photoshoot which made it a more memorable experience.

“Amy and Little Stories have been helpful and supportive since the very beginning when Wifey Liu was brainstorming about Hello Wifey, and talked about more eco-friendly ideas such as earth-loving jeans and recycled materials.” shared by Wifey Liu. Sharing the same will of developing a green life, Little Stories, Hello Wifey, Grace and the team envision the mission of promoting sustainable weddings.

Check the feature by media on HK01 and Bastille Post.

Welcome to talk to us and plan about your eco-friendly plans in the coming year or toward the next photoshoot ideas at :)

Credit List

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Text | Vana @littlestoriess


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