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Impressionism-inspired: Come and Have An Artistic Refreshment with Grace Chan!

Be prepared to welcome the lovely sunny days on this impressionism-inspired summer photo series with Grace Chan to bring seasonal elements into JW Marriott Hotel together with Fer a cheval design!

Escaping to the artistic Impressionism World, we want to show you the beautiful modern life filled with classic romance and love!

In this series of photos, we pitch on a warm color combination of ginger, orange and lemon yellow, interspersed with fresh white and green.

If you love Claude Monet’s paintings, you may find the similar complicated layers of warm colours and substantial, bumper groups of fruits here!

Le Panier de Pommes – Claude Monet (1883)

Wheat Field with Cypresses – Vincent van Gogh (1889)

Moreover, we hope the scene where a bright and intense spectacle comes against a sunny weather may remind you of Van Gogh style, and gain the power of hope, energy and vibrancy with the breeze from the surroundings!

Connecting arts with you from our favourite impressionism artworks, we are delighted to share our art-inspired photo series with you towards the summer!

Welcome to talk to us to personalize photography and design with custom theme on arts, lifestyle, season or anything that inspires you here. Enjoy the vibrant summer! 🙂 With Grace Chan Photography | Little Stories – the Moment by Amy Art Direction & Styling | Little Stories x Fer a cheval Design Decoration & Setup | Fer a cheval Design Outfit | Swank Text | Vana At | JW Marriott Hong Kong


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