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Top 10 Unique Wedding Venues Recommendations in Hong Kong

Fairies In the Woods

To have an intimate ceremony with the witness and backdrop of lavish greeneries, florets and the whole natural world is always such a romantic fantasy! In our modern life, going back to nature for a wedding theme not only fulfills your dream about being a princess in the woods, but contains more modern and fashionable concepts such as organic life and sustainability!

1. One-ThirtyOne

Cuddled in the bay of Three Fathoms Cove, One-ThirtyOne is a sophisticated three-story Mediterranean restaurant that fulfills your dream about European villatic life! Including a large courtyard, this place offers you the best view to overlook the ocean of Sai Kung. As its founder is a nature lover, One-ThirtyOne is conveniently connected to the beach within a minute's walk. You are also encouraged to bring your pet friends here to enjoy a wonderful time! The restaurant serves fine European cuisine from its neighbouring farmlands to keep their foods organic and fresh, promoting the concept of sustainability and giving the guests a sense of home. Elegant, natural, cozy, and ethical! If you are planning an intimate, luxurious and environmental wedding, One-ThirtyOne will never let you down!

Hong Kong (HK) Outdoor Rustic & Whimsical Wedding at One thirty-one with Chinny & Gary - 1 | wedding vows photography

Hong Kong (HK) Outdoor Rustic & Whimsical Wedding at One thirty-one with Chinny & Gary - 1 | wedding cake ideas

One-ThirtyOne, 131 Tseng Tau Village, Shap Sze Heung, New Territories, Hong Kong. +852 2791-2684 I I website reservation

Opening hours:

Mon: Closed

Tue to Fri: 19:00-23:00

Sat to Sun: 12:00-15:00; 19:00-23:00

2. Wooden Fairies

Every girl has the right to dream about becoming a fairy, especially on her special day! Wooden Fairies, an artistic private garden suitable for all special occasions, will envision your fairy dream! It is a hidden gem in Sai Kung surrounded by trees, florets, lawn, sunlight and breeze. Far away from the noisy city, this secret garden promises you an ultimate, romantic and intimate outdoor wedding! It serves you glorious wedding settings including a classic long table, and two open stages in its dazzling outdoor garden which could accommodate over 200 people. To ensure an unforgettable dining experience, Wooden Fairies will provide you with two excellent restaurant service team in Hong Kong, Chelsa Garden & Restaurant (elegant Spanish cuisine and seasonal seafood) and HARA (superior Japanese food), cooperating with its own chef team to design a customized and seasonal menu suited for your big day.

Little Stories - Sai Kung Outdoor Wedding with Veronica & Khris -459 | Wooden Faries wedding ideas

Wooden Faires, Hiram's highway, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong, +852 6724 8223, website reservation

Opening hours:

Weekdays: 10am - 6pm

Weekends: closed

3. Hyatt Regency Sha Tin

If you have a large group of families and guests, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong in Sha Tin, providing both exterior venues with lush greeneries and scenic views, and an indoor grand hall, might be a better choice catering to people of all ages. The spacious outdoor space allows 240 guests, decorated with renowned florist’s flower arrangements. Hyatt Regency features a professional comprehensive wedding vision. Besides the regular services mentioned above, you can additionally enjoy the custom-tailored menu, bridal shower parties (to have spa with your sisters!), honey-sweet corner (an extraordinary pastry team will bring you delicacies like honey cake and apple pie), and sufficient accommodations for guests attending the celebration. Take your time with your friends, and enjoy the happiness to the full!

Little Stories - Hyatt Regency in Sha Tin Wedding with Christine & Lok | wedding banquet ideas

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin, 18 Chak Cheung Street, Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong, +852 3723 1234.

4. Marco Polo Hong Kong

Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel is located along Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, offering the stunning view of the spectacular Victoria Harbour as the backdrop of your wedding! You can choose to schedule either an elegant and fresh outdoor ceremony or a luxurious indoor banquet and Marco Polo will serve you the best-qualified ideal venue. The Italian restaurant Cucina on the sixth floor of the hotel will not only serve you authentic contemporary Italian taste but also invite the whole harbor to witness your romantic moment. Be On Canton is another amazing outdoor choice, which is famous for the natural environment filled with greeneries and florets at the urban commercial heart! Moreover, Marco Polo Hotel also offers you several options of indoor banquet halls respectively featuring luxurious, classical, romantic, and modern styles!

Marco Polo Hong Kong wedding ceremony -1

Marco Polo Hong Kong wedding ceremony -2 | outdoor wedding venue hk | outdoor wedding photoshoot

Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, No. 3 Canton Road, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui,

Kowloon, Hong Kong. +852 2113-0088, website request, wedding brochure.

5. Kaffee House

Have you ever considered cafes as a wedding venue? Kaffee House is a great option for coffee lovers to gather with family and friends to witness an artistic and unique wedding! Kaffee House is a simple but exquisite white cabin. Located on Ting Kok Road, the secret and arcadian place is distant from the busy downtown, and thus ensures you and your lover an intimate and private wedding experience! The house is filled with earthy-tone furniture and decorations, and lavishly-expanding greeneries are everywhere from inside to outside. Additionally, Kaffee House is a pet-friendly cafe and welcomes all lovely furry companions! More importantly, never miss the signature dessert delicacies and amazing coffee, including roaster coffee carefully selected from Hong Kong and Europe: Elida, Alto Quiel, Costa Rica, Ethiopia… Believe these different types of coffee will add a new flavour to your ceremony! Who said weddings have to be limited to hotels or traditional venues? You can define your own rules.

Little Stories - Cafe Intimate & Unique Wedding Photography in Hong Kong (HK) with Ruby & Chris - 5- Simple Ceremony - 2

Kaffee House, No.24 Ting Kok Rd, Lo Tsz Tin Tsuen, Ting Kok, +852 2330 0233, follow on Facebook and Instagram

Opening hours:

Mon, Thur & Fri: 1 - 6pm

Sat & Sun: 12 - 6pm

Exquisite and Elegant Ceremony at Hotels

A hotel wedding provides you with exquisite intimacy compared to outdoor ceremonies. Luckily we are here in Hong Kong with so many choices of hotel venues, each featuring unique architectural and atmospheric elegance. Classical, oriental, western, modern, chic... You can always find your own taste!

6. Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong

If you would like privacy from the hotel, booking a presidential suite at Mandarin Oriental Hotel would be a good idea to welcome guests! As a prestigious 5-star hotel with a long history, Mandarin Oriental is an iconic establishment of a contemporary luxury hotel combined with Oriental heritage. It provides you with a homey setting together with antiques around the corners. The hotel emphasizes two keywords for wedding events: lavish and intimate. The experienced culinary team will create a personalized menu for the wedding celebration, along with spectacular cakes designed by award-winning pastry chefs. A wedding package is available to provide you with comprehensive services! Playing the oriental classic elements to the best, the hotel provides you with a sophisticated environment and gorgeous interior settings to recall your significant moment.

Little Stories -  Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong (HK) Wedding with Hayley & HinChee - Ceremony - architectural wedding venue hong kong

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, no.5 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2825 4801 / +852 28254822,, website request, wedding brochure

7. Auberge Discovery Bay

Dreaming about blue grand for a dreamlike fairytale wedding? Then Auberge Discovery Bay is a good pick! Surrounded by azure ocean, Auberge Discovery Bay is located on Lantau Island and embraces spectacular views of the sea and lands. Its popular wedding venue, Pavilion, is an amazing pyramidal glasshouse that would be remarkable to your wedding! Engaging the guests with the surrounding inspiring nature, it serves you unparalleled dining and wedding joy in such an elegant and artistic environment. More excitingly, there is only a seaside chapel in Hong Kong! Exchange your vows here with the witness of sunsets and sea breeze. Isn’t it the most romantic thing? After the wedding ceremony, guests can also get a retreat by the nearby hotel to relax by the ocean, enjoy the charm on this quiet island.

Phoebe & Jean Wedding HK - Little Stories - Auberge Discovery Bay wedding - Pavillion hong kong wedding venue