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Travel – Dream Airbnb house in Dallas

A dream house

What does your dream house look like?

For me, my dream house is…

Spacious Artistic Scenic

The house is surrounded and guarded by tall trees. The sky is always shining with marshmallow clouds moving around. The house sits around a quiet zone of the city. People enjoy life as much as I do. Inside the house, my photography and paintings that I collected are all around the house.

This is my dream house in my mind, yet I live in the dream house, in my host Adrienne’s dream house while I photographed some lovely family sessions(more will be posted in Blog on Happy Tuesday) in Dallas.

​I had a little interview with Adrienne, and she shares her design inspirations for the house.

Were you in charge of designing the house? What comes through your mind when you were designing the house?

A: Just the interior design. What is practical to my lifestyle, makes it homey and lets me highlight what I want to see when I first get up and right before I go to bed.

What is art to you and your life?

A: It’s an integrated part of my life. The way I look at things and appreciate creation, to the way I express and create in reflection of that around me. It’s a sacred, vulnerable, place for me to express what verbally falls short.

Are there artists that you admire? Welcome to name a few.

A: My heaven Father. My father and grandfather.Brandon Boyd (an American musician and visual artist).Eugene Peterson(an American-born author and poet). Any makers of products for a purpose. Many of my friends…

It’s so great to see some great paintings and photography works around your house! Are they your works or collections? What inspired you when you worked on the design of the house?

A: Thank you, Amy! A little of both. Many of the photographs and painting are my pieces and some are part of a greater collection/series while a few are works from friends or pieces that have just caught my attention by telling a particular story.

Was it your original plan to welcome guests or for self-use?

A: Both, a house is a home but it is not a warm home unless you welcome community into it, where you put your heart and cultivate it. Hospitality is important – both as part of my job and lifestyle. My life gets hectic and I enjoy the quiet peace it embraces me with while also being able to open doors to its comfort – to use the peace to develop relations through the intimacy of deeper conversation or meeting someone for the first time.

What is/are the driving force(s) for you to take part in being an Airbnb host?

A: I am an avid traveler myself and part of the joy in traveling is meeting people from around the world. Airbnb offers the opportunity for people to “live where they stay” and I feel it’s an honor to give people a home, to be their family, while they are here.

Love Photography, Love Travel!

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