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Russian artist Anna Salenko’s New Exhibition “Let’s Live Now”

The Russian artist Anna Salenko is having her exhibition at ACO Book Store in Wan Chai!

Anna Salenko is an artist and the founder of Live With Art. By establishing her own art brand, she hopes to bring the traditionally “high art” to people’s everyday life. Now her modern works are on exhibition!

Since last spring, Anna has observed that the uncertainties of the pandemic have brought many new feelings and emotions to individual. The creative artist decided to start the project of “Let’s Live Now”, a social project based in Hong Kong recording the energies developed in people’s inner world with art.

Little Stories is honoured to contribute a part of the story to the project. Our founder Amy tells how she overcomes her anxiety during the COVID-19 time by exploring hidden gems in Hong Kong. Amy’s favorite place is Ma Wan, a cozy secret spot which is perfect for picture-taking and strolling. Anna’s specially created painting of Amy’s story would be on display.

Want to learn more? Click this link here!

The Exhibition info ⬇️ Venue:ACO Book Store, 14/F Foo Tak Buildings, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. 艺鵠書店,香港灣仔富德樓14樓 Exhibition Date: 20.7.2021 – 27.7.2021 Featured Artist – Anna Salenko With Little Stories – the Moment by Amy


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