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Open the Door for An Intimate Wedding – Carrie & Fung

What’s your dream place for engagement or wedding?

Would it be in hotel, chapel or restaurant?

Would it be in a big scale one for all friends and relatives or a smaller scale for the closest ones?

If you want an intimate and smaller size of engagement session, this maybe the right fit for you!

I did this engagement and wedding shooting two years ago, when I was a university student. I didn’t know much about the wedding industry in Hong Kong. I just took some pictures for wedding couples usually in hotel venues and didn’t know there could be a lovely and modern venue like this!

The chapel sits around the corner of the street with a pretty garden outside. It’s a small lovely chapel with warm and lovely décor. What a pleasure to see sunlight peeking through the room in the morning time. We took some time and walk around the garden, to wonder, connect to the nature on this special day.

Carrie is a warm and considerate girl. She is gentle and sweet. While groom Fung was more shy. The sweet couple prepared some gifts handmade by a NGO company. How sweet to prepare the wedding in a way to help the needy too!

Isn’t it a great idea by seeding love from around to help the community grow further?


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