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My Passion Holds me Back

Thanks for coming around.

It’s been almost a year since I wrote a blog post from last time. I have been working hard to fulfill other’s dream instead of mine last year. There’re lots of photography works request but I was too busy to work on all of them.

This year, I decided to open up and try on with my adventure! It’s so touching to have you around with me on this journey, reading this blog post.

In just two months ago, I started travelling with my loved one to Europe, to explore and to shoot. It’s always a great time to go around and ponder.

I hope to share more with you!

I decided to write every Tuesday this month, I hope I can keep it, and the reason why I love Tuesday is that it’s just right after working Monday! A day to relax and enjoy in between work time!

Happy Tuesday, my dear friend!


P.S. Let’s have a little chat in between Tuesdays! You can find me on Instagram and Facebook.


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