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Immerse into a little heaven town

It’s great to see you again! Are there any spots that you’ve been dreaming of going? Close your eyes for a second and imagine the scene.

How lovely that is! Maybe it’s a relaxing place, a hidden place, a mysterious place that you’ve long for! For me, I would just love to put myself at a spot (imagining dragging myself to a point in google map…) nearby the ocean or lake as I always feel connected to the nature, the beautiful surroundings.

I’m now in front of a lake, looking at the movement of swans. They slide around, they get together with family and friends, and they seem to enjoy their time too!

It’s great that we’ve booked a location for dinner together with the beautiful lake. This makes me a bit busy eating and looking around for the lovely swans. Isn’t it a great place for some shoots here?

Happy Tuesday, my dear friend! Hope you enjoy the day!

Law Amy

P.S. Let’s have a little chat in between Tuesdays! You can find me on Instagram at @lawamy_ @littlestoriess and on facebook

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