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Feature on NAPCP Print Inspired Magazine

Being National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) Ambassador (see our profile on NAPCP) for Hong Kong for over two years, we are excited to be invited for an interview with NAPCP editor. We share our vision and inspiration with fellow family photographers around the world from 19 countries, such as the United States, Canada, France, Australia, and Belgium… We are honoured to be featured in the latest issue on the magazine again on NAPCP Mar 2019 issue (see digital and get a print magazine here).

NAPCP Magazine - Little Stories - the Moment by Amy HK & US 1
NAPCP Magazine - Little Stories - the Moment by Amy HK & US 2
NAPCP Magazine - Little Stories - the Moment by Amy HK & US 2

In a few sentences, tell us about yourself and your business. Everyone has little stories that are so beautiful and unique. I hope to show the beauty of love in the photographs I create for my clients. That’s why I founded Little Stories, to capture and embrace little, fleeting moments in our everyday lives.

Where do you find your inspiration? I love travelling, meeting new people and talking to them. These conversations spark inspiration. I love reading (magazines and books), and of course scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.

Best advice you’ve ever received: Listen to yourself and always keep your true voice. Keep going, don’t stop.

NAPCP Magazine - Little Stories - the Moment by Amy HK & US 2

Marketing Monday on NAPCP – Finding Your Niche

NAPCP Marketing Monday Live - Little Stories - the Moment by Amy - Finding your niche in photography

Feature on NAPCP Facebook Page on our Facebook Live – Finding Your Niche in Photography

It is our hope that we see the uniqueness in each photo shoot and try to customize for clients. We are thrilled to broadcast our first facebook event live on 26 Mar 2019 and know our members found it useful!

Kind Words from Member of NAPCP – Pam Bell:

Thank you, Amy! I was not able to watch live but just viewed the video and appreciate you sharing. Great stuff!

Kind Words from Editor of NAPCP – Deanne Mroz:

Your work is so beautiful, Amy! ❤️Thank you so much for sharing with us today, I love your advice about combining your talents to make your business stand out from others!

Amy Law - Little Stories - Oliver Fly Photography-2

A Journey of Love & Lifestyle| Join our round-the-world tour for a phootshoot e:


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