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Modern Moroccan-inspired Maternity Studio Photoshoot with Claudia

Moroccan style Maternity Photos in Hong Kong

Little Stories is glad to present a modern Moroccan-styled photo shooting session with the pregnant mom, Claudia, and her family. Design Team Fer á cheval has prepared studio decorations and clothes of the romantic mediterranean style, creating a warm and lovely vibe for the family photoshoot.

Moroccan style Maternity Photos in Hong Kong

Moroccan style Maternity Photos in Hong Kong

The photoshoot session took place in the warm and cozy room of Silver Dollar Studio. To construct a space filled with Moroccan-styled aesthetics, Fer a cheval Design worked on the styling direction and put rattan poufs, wooden furniture and woven pendants within the studio.

The setting colors are presented in a harmony: the light gray reeds and the natural-colored cane baskets are aligned with the earthy wallpaper, altogether contributing to a soft texture and a comfortable atmosphere. The warm-toned palette of the interior setting conveys a sense of coziness and comfort, which is especially soothing for a family with a child and an expectant mother!

Moroccan style Maternity Photos in Hong Kong at Silver Dollar Studio

The bedroom scene highlights the happiness shining in every family's ordinary life: the parents are comfortably lying on the bed, spending time with their children. The display of a coralline blanket and a bedside lamp adds to the warm and cozy home-like vibe. The white and blue dresses that Claudia and her daughter wear echoes the palette and the theme of natural flowers in the decorative painting in the backdrop.

The sunny afternoon in Hong Kong's winter days would be perfect for photography-taking: mild temperature, soft thaw winds, and genial sunshine. Therefore, we moved to the outdoor yard and had a lovely picnic on the yawn! We were surprised to see how cute the family were when they changed into their family sweatshirt.

The little girl is curious about the new life in her mom's body. Look at how she interacts with her mom and the upcoming baby! It seems that she is ready to welcome the new family member and be a good sister in the future.

Claudia's husband is also supportive. When Claudia experienced the various discomforts during her pregnancy, he took good care of her wife, being considerate and concerned all the time.

The Moroccan-styled decorations are also moved to the lawn to decorate the picnic scene. Brightened by the natural light outdoors, they generate a vibrant and dynamic vibe that is different from the indoor area.

Styling by Fer a cheval Design for picnic setup in Hong Kong (HK)

The children-friendly props are provided by The Bristol Fairy, the professional baby product retailer which features ethical and sustainable baby as well as kids products. Here, we have the grayish green Bungalow Capri hat decorated by pinkish-orange ribbon, which you can check out at the brand's website.

Styling by Fer a cheval Design for picnic setup in Hong Kong (HK)

Moroccan style Maternity Photo shoot Ideas in Hong Kong with Fer a Cheval Design and Bristol Fairy at Silver Dollar Studio by Little Stories

We enjoyed staying at this comfy space where Claudia and her family could comfortably spend a chill afternoon together. Whenever you feel tired, love from family drives out exhaustion and brings you warmth.

Photography | Little Stories - the Moment by Amy @littlestoriess

Styling & Decoration | Fer á cheval Design

Venue | Silver Dollar Studio @silverdollar_studio

Baby props | The Bristol Fairy @thebistolfairy

Text | Rachel


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