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Family Session – Subtle Love

He loves you in a subtle kind of way.

It’s not the kind of love you see in movies, with strong music and giant gestures.

It is still and deep, like water that you might mistake for shallow if you just watch the surface.

It is entirely his, and it would still be there no matter you care or not.

It is a subtle kind of love, of dad, but it is true.

Yes, I always thank my mum, but I actually do not miss the part for my dad.

When I take pictures for this family, dad was quiet, but he’s supportive in taking care of kids. The kind of love is never too exaggerating, instead, it’s almost invisible if you do not observe or think deeply. Actions always go before words.

Not only to thank mum, but also to thank you dad, my dad and dads in this beautiful world.

Thank you Dallas and Twig and Olive Photography to inspire us for the session and make this happen.

Enjoy the amazing time with your loved family 🙂

Reservation for 2017 Family/ Kid Session just started! Only limited vacancies are available!Welcome to say hello or enquire at

Law Amy is based in Hong Kong and is available to travel worldwide.

P.S. Let’s have a little secret chat weekly! You can find me on Instagram at @lawamy_ @littlestoriess and on facebook at Little Stories – the Moment by Amy


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