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Baby Lukas Turning into 8 Months Old at Minimalistic Home

Baby Lukas has just turned 8 months old! Ruby & Ray celebrated this special day with a baby photoshoot with Little Stories at their minimalistic white home. We are keeping top tooth popping out and Lukas at the crawling stage on record! Let’s scroll the page and see!

The family is filled with love, calmness, and energy with Lukas. It’s touching to take part and witness the baby’s special moment!

Lukas is now 34 weeks old, the baby boy turned to Ruby’s direction, held his hands out, and uttered, “Mama”! This is probably one of the best moments in her life as a mommy! We are so glad to see Ruby’s excitement when telling this, as if this was such a precious gift that she could never forget.

Ruby is recording every little progress based on Montessori Education principles – experiential learning with self-directed activities, hands-on learning and collaborative play.

Check out Baby Lukas’ Instagram @little.yellowmoon that Lukas has made through during his developmental stage: the new movement that he learned, the new food that he got adapted to, and the new words that he could understand. Isn’t it amazing to look back at the pictures of these precious first times?

Ruby shared that she looked forward to reviewing these photos in 10 years, when baby Lukas grows into a little boy.

Little Stories is so glad to freeze this moment of Luka’s growing up process filled with immense care and understanding of thoughtful parents Ruby and Ray. With love, photography could play the magic trick on time.

We can’t wait to see how the family members evolve with love in 10 years and look at these photographs together, recalling the heartful memories together.

“Love you!” said by Ruby followed by sweet kisses to adorable Lukas by Ruby and Ray.

With Ruby, Ray & Baby Lukas (@little.yellowmoon)


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