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Family Photo Shoot with Delphine, Diego, And Their Six-month-old Baby Pablo

Delphine and Diego are founders of the pioneering luxury brand company OnTheList, a company that features Members-Only Flash Sales for high-end brands and shopping experience from online to offline stores.

Recently, this French couple has welcomed their adorable new family member: the baby boy Pablo! Having spent six months together, an intimate bond has been forged between the novice parents and their baby. Little Stories is glad to capture the sweet moments of the family having a great time together.

The interior setting is featured in abstract paintings and French-styled home decorations of gray, navy blue, earthy tangerine, and light beige, which creates a serene vibe for the family to spend a peaceful and warm afternoon.

Delphine and Diego are excited to witness Pablo’s every first-time experience: the first time that he walks, speaks, and rides the rocking horses

Even the shirt that the baby wears is tailor-made with the motto “living my best life”, which Delphine specially selected. The room was not only filled with bright sunlight, but also laughter and smiles.

The baby has brought so much happiness to Delphine and Diego. While watching the little boy growing up day by day, the couple is also becoming more intimate. Hopefully, the photographs would become a precious witness to the child’s growing memories.

With Delphine, Diego, and Pablo

Text | Rachel

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