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Do you need to update your LinkedIn photo?

How many times do you experience having people wrongly predict who you are and talk in a different way?

It’s just countless.

Imagine one day when you can receive a picture that could tell them who you are without you speaking a word.


Isn’t it more time saving when you can spend less time explaining who you are, while they’re so obvious from the photo?

Here’s a simple exercise for you.What can you tell from this picture?

Welcome to use three adjectives to describe her that come up from your mind immediately.I did the test with some friends. They all tell similar descriptions.




Guess what position she’s in?

She’s a law firm strategist to help law firms retain and engage their associates. She is outgoing, talkative in a way to connect and gap between law firms and associates effectively! She is also determined to help the associates to fight for benefits that they should get for a high retention rate in the company.Now, welcome to think of three adjectives to describe you while matching with your job requirements.1.2.3.And you can look at your current LinkedIn photo now.Does the photo reflect the three adjectives you think of yourself?

If you’ve got all three, congratulations! People come to you mostly for who you are.

If only 1 or even none from the above, maybe your potential employers couldn’t get a grasp of you from the picture. Maybe it’s time for you to update the LinkedIn picture!

Although you may argue, that’s about first impression! Yes, it can be biased, but from your experience, you can tell.Finding a photographer who shares the same vision, by speaking about you, would be a great idea!

Hope it helps!

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