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Witness Precious Friendship: Surprising Photoshoot Arranged By BFF

To celebrate their friend Veron’s birthday, Joyce and April prepared a special gift for their besties. Rather than choosing typical birthday presents, the two girls arranged a unique, surprising BFF photoshoot experience. 

It was a sweet coincidence that Veron also selected Little Stories for her own wedding photoshoot. Having been together since high school, the friends really know about each other’s styles and aesthetics. They spent a pleasant day together, with the camera recording the sweet moments.

They went out for a relaxing walk in the afternoon, enjoying the sunlight, greenness, and fresh air. They also brought their planners, in which they have taken down thoughts about the common goals for the future. It was a time for expressing love, sharing inspirations, and giving each other support.

After spending quality time outdoors, the girls changed into delicate white dresses to match with the warm oat wallpaper and shimmering decoration of the hotel room in the K11 Artus, a perfect spot for urban hideaways with the ultimate sea view. 

They enjoyed wine, sunset, and the spectacular nocturne of Victoria Harbor. Looking at the birthday cards and letters from high school, the girls recalled the warm memories.

Treasuring the time that they have spent and expecting the coming days together is the authentic meaning of BFF. 

Venue | Sai Kung and K11 Artus

With Veron, Joyce and April

Text | Rachel


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