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Why say yes to a photographer?

We are so blissful to have phones coming handy. Meanwhile, we are getting obsessed to take photos by chance.

How many photos do you see over and over again from phone?

Check it out.I usually have tons of images in phone, (25960 photos currently haha) photos are like floating water in phone, they come and go. They are peacefully stored in computer afterwards. But counting the time to see all the photos again? Hmm…Probably less than two times.

I need a photographer! Do some quality photos for me please.

Photo Credit: Ashley Ludaescher Photography

I no longer want to waste time by randomness, I want to spend more quality time together. So, working with photographers that I love is always the best way for me. A professional photographer would take care of the rest for me.

When I truly love the photos, I looked at them a lot, probably several times a day. I treasure the photos as much as I treasure the relationship.

How can you select the right photographer for you then?

Of course there are lots of photographers around. But finding the right one is not like walking in blind, that by chance you find a terrible one by randomly searching online.

Finding the right photographer is just like finding your love.

Someone who is willing to understand you and able to project your story, and bring it to life.I always love to listen to people’s unique stories, to understand and include the essence in the story. Human relationship is such a beautiful thing and it shall be appreciated and beautifully recorded.

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